Type A

Betacam SX

To make a cheaper Betacam VTR, Sony made a digital VTR that has a little less quality, much longer tape length and a lower price. We used these VTRs for the first few seasons of “Big Brother” due to the excellent tape length in the cassette, up to three hours!.  It stores video using MPEG 4:2:2 Profile@ML compression and compresses the video signal from approximately 180 Mbit/s to only 18 Mbit/s. It is an excellent player of analog Betacam tapes. Very popular with television news, you’ll see these VTRs all over a newsroom.

We have several of these decks and can pick and choose different models to find which one reproduces analog Betacam the best. Your tapes always get the best service and the best quality.